The new fad of Sexting (people using camera phones to send each other naked photos of themselves) is seriously dangerous.

It seems that most adult experts in this area don’t know what to do. Many feel it is such a serious issue that the kids should go to jail. Others feel it is a serious issue of lack of education. Too many shrug it off by saying this is a family matter and should be solved at home. For sure, the young people don’t realize how they can ruin their future doing a silly two minute act. This is why Effective Sex Education is so important for all children from age three. Please read our articles on Teen Sex Ed Tips.

Historically kids are not known for having good judgement and some times they do stupid things. Regardless, many teens are ruining the rest of their lives as they get labeled as a pervert and get a criminal record for sending naked pictures of themselves on the internet to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Teens must understand that nothing is safe or private on the internet. However, teens must be taught this by parents, friends, teachers, and everyone in the community.

Some people will say that the objective of sending dirty messages and naked pics by the phone is to meet others and have sex.

A sex therapist might say that it is fun to get an erotic message on your phone.

I guess it’s exciting for a teen to receive and possess nude pics, but they don’t understand that it can result in a criminal offense and ruin their life.

Teens and investigators must also be taught the law. Most Sexting is likely not child pornography unless it contains sexually explicit conduct. If it does, then those trafficking child pornography and those possessing child pornography can be charged with the crime. Those taking the picture can be accused of producing child pornography; those sending the picture can be accused of distributing child pornography; those accepting the picture can be accused of possessing child pornography.

Anyone convicted of child pornography can be registered as a sex offender.  This will affect personal relationships, your work, and where you can live. The registration requirements can apply to young people and, depending upon the circumstances, can extend well into adulthood. Sex education and knowledge of the law is important for every child. Please read our articles Teen Sex Ed Tips and other related articles.

Many young people report that they have been involved in sexting. The FBI stresses that before any person is charged, a determination must be made about the state and federal law dealing with child pornography. Investigators should consider whether the sexting might be harassing or menacing to the party in the image or the recipient of it.

There is another consideration. Has illegal use of a computer occurred? If so, this could be an alternative for proper punishment, Cleanup and removal of pictures from school computers can be very expensive. The purpose of punishment is to get an offender’s attention.

Rather than ruin a youth’s future with a possible pornography conviction, it’s more logical to hit him or her with a devastating punishment of having to work off 1000 hours of cleaning the school and school grounds or cleaning the city streets.

Other youths will see him or her working off the hours and very likely think twice before taking a chance on some silly little crime like sending nude pictures to one another. Almost nothing hurts a youth more than losing free time.

Every school and city needs free labor. Fear is the very best deterrent. This concept can work wonders in eliminating other social problems such as: graffiti artists who draw, scribble, scratch or spray illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place; with individuals who empty garbage cans onto the sidewalk; with car occupants who throw garbage onto the street; and with individuals who break store windows. Cities should look for opportunities to utilize free labor. We could have cleaner cities and fewer bad actions by bad citizens.

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