Sex Before Marriage

It seems that Christians have always been too negatively absorbed and preoccupied in this and other unimportant issues dealing with sex…when they should have been reading “Teen Sex Ed Tips”. From the beginning, witch doctors and church leaders have acted like brainsick perverts meddling in the private lives of individuals.

From the early beginning, church leaders found fun and folly in setting rules and made laws dealing with sex, as a means of trying to control the minds of the population . A long time ago it was not uncommon for the church to be the police, jury, and executer. People, married couples, were executed, if a peeping church detective caught them having sex in any position other than the missionary position.

We all know the definition of opinion and I hope you agree that everyone is entitled to one. As a Christian I have researched this issue off and on for years. I am certain today that the first thing all Christians need to do is get their thoughts and facts in a logical proper order.

Webster defines creator as: bringing something new or original into being.

Christians are taught that God is our creator and the creator of the universe and all the stars and all of the wonders in the heavens and that He created all of the creatures of the land, air and sea.

Christians are taught that God is perfect. Webster defines perfect as: being entirely without fault or defect; lacking in no essential detail; complete; not lacking or faulty in any particular.

God created the universe some 13.7 to 15.8 billion years ago. We humans have recorded history only about 5000 to 6000 years.

The Bible states that God spoke and humans wrote the bible. Remember, God is perfect, but humans are imperfect.

I wish to point out that for the purpose of this article it isn’t important to me if we agree or disagree on evolution vs creation or if mankind has been on earth 6000 or one million years or if Jesus Christ was the Son of God from all eternity or if He was created.

I believe in God the Creator and in His Son Jesus Christ…and that is the important issue to me.

The point I am trying to make is that God our Creator instilled his eternal plan in His 3.1 billion letters of the human genome, our own DNA instruction book.  You might enjoy reading, “Why this Scientist Believes in God”.

God instilled his DNA plan in every single living thing; animal and plant. Every desire we have and the exact time we will die is in His plan.

God created humans long before any word was written in any Bible. His plan began when He created the universe. He planned for every living creature to desire sex long before the arrival of humans on earth. It is no accident that we humans desire sexual satisfaction and that this desire is the second strongest desire that humans have. It is God’s Plan!

Hang in a few more moments and I will get to the point of this article!

There are many forms of sexual satisfaction. All humans desire sexual satisfaction and all humans, at one time or another, masturbate to achieve this satisfaction. This is one form of sexual satisfaction. Freud proved beyond any doubt that even babies, a few days old, experience desires and rub between their legs because it feels good.

All humans have desires for sexual satisfaction, but all humans do not want to be married.

It is certainly unsophisticated to think that every human must marry in order to follow or obey the Plan our Creator designed millions of years ago. His plan has certainly been around longer than any Bible. If the writers of Bibles truly believe that God is perfect they should not use verses to contradict God’s action plan. I feel that Bible verses would serve God’s Will more effectively if they concentrated on the importance of never harming another person, rather than about how rightly to order our sexual lives.

The Bible was originally written by imperfect humans, interpreted by imperfect humans, and revised many times by imperfect humans.

We Christians declare to the world that God is perfect…and He is. Therefore, I feel we should first eliminate contradictions that exist in our Bible ( which was written by imperfect humans) before we feel we have the right to say, “God, we declare to the world that we know that You are Perfect; but hold on a minute. You’ve really goofed on this one. We know better than You on this issue. We (who ever we are) feel that regardless of what Your Plan is, our man-made Bible says that sex is only authorized within the framework of marriage. Therefore You are wrong, God.”

Is this stupid or is it stupid? Is this hypocritical or is this hypocritical?

Any Christian that can’t see this hypocrisy is certainly “brain dead”.

Religion has nothing to fear because most humans are searching for the ladder to Heaven. However, the over abundance of contradictions in the Christian Bible turns many searchers away from Christianity.

If we really believe God is Perfect, then we must certainly believe that if He wanted sex reserved only for marriage He would have specified this in His Plan. If we believe He is our Creator, and that He made the sun ‘shine light’ by saying, “Let there be light” then we must believe He could have made this tiny change in us (His creation) with little effort.

Sex Before Marriage just can’t be a major issue for any healthy intelligent (true Christian) human.

Totally understanding the implications of any type of sex at any age…is an important issue. Parents teaching children from age six that sexual intercourse is stupid sex for children…is an important issue. Parents instilling in children the understanding that masturbation is a normal act and that it is the safe, clean, alternative to sexual intercourse…is an important issue. Teaching children that unprotected sex is stupid and dangerous…is an important issue. Observing and advising children during their friendships and relationships…is an important issue.

Teaching children that marriage is the most wonderful and serious commitment we humans can ever experience…is the CAPITAL issue.

Responsible and true Christians have mammoth worthwhile issues to tackle. Trying to persuade unmarried Christians to abstain from all sexual intercourse is unimportant. Getting mental stimulation from these unimportant sexual issues is childlike.

Every Christian will stay totally busy if he and she will concentrate on ensuring that no child in any corner of God’s beautiful world ever goes to bed hungry. This has never happened once in my life time…this is a very important and worthwhile issue.

Masturbation and sex before marriage are minute issues of insufficient importance in an intelligent adult’s life; comparatively speaking.

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