This is the time in our lives when almost all of us really love to enjoy the internet.

We can’t imagine our lives without the internet. It is such a fascinating place and we can literally find about anything we need to know.

It is also a time in our lives when we can do fun things that are real dumb things to do. If we get on the net and do things that might seem like innocent fun at the time, we may be very embarrassed or endangered later.

These days, mobile phones and the internet come hand in hand. It’s so easy to get friendly and very quickly begin flirting with people we meet on the net. Sure, it can be exciting to chat and see the person we are chatting with. Sure, it might seem innocent to exchange pictures. Here is where we need to go slow and be very careful.

People using the internet are mostly helpful and nice, but some people are very mean, unpleasant, nasty, and unsafe. We might trust the person who says he will never share anything with anyone else. The next thing we know all of the seminude or nude pics that we have sent that person are being seen all over the net. This means friends and family can see them too.

Many people are afraid to use the internet because of the bums, criminals and scammers. However, with only a tiny bit of common sense, we can educate ourselves and avoid the dangers.

Try to be close friends with your parents and encourage them to spend time with you on the net so that you can teach and show them the great things that can be done on the net.

Don’t ever send pictures of yourself or your family to anyone unless your parents say it’s OK. Protect your family’s privacy by not downloading anything from the net without their approval or giving out personal information like your address, school name, or phone number.

Never, never meet with an internet ‘friend’ without your parent’s consent. The sixteen year old boy you were chatting with might turn out to be a thirty-five year old pervert or criminal…or burly police detective on the sex-squad.

Avoid ever replying to nasty, upsetting, or strange e-mails. Tell your parents if anything on the net upsets you.

Internet Addiction, Computer Addiction, Online Addiction, and Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) are impulse-control problems such as:

* Cybersex Addiction: which is compulsive use of Internet pornography, adult chat rooms and adult fantasy role-play sites.

*  Cyber-Relationship Addiction: which is addiction to chat rooms, social networking and messaging to the point that your virtual online friends become more important than your real family and real friends.

*  Online Compulsion Addiction: which is online pressure or obligation to  gamble or use online auction sites such as eBay.

This can lead to Information Overload, which can lead to less social interface with family and friends and poorer school grades.

Cybersex can be dangerous. Cybersex is also called computer sex, internet sex, netsex, mudsex, or TinySex. It is a virtual (or near, near enough, to all intents and purposes) sex encounter which two or more persons connect remotely via computer network and send each other sexual explicit messages describing a sexual experience he or she is presently enjoying. It is a form of sexual role-play in which the participants pretend they are having actual sex. IT IS FREQUENTLY A LOVELY FORM OF MASTURBATION. Masturbation is definitely the cleanest and safest sex in the world; no disease or pregnancy.

The participants stimulate their own sexual feelings and fantasies as they describe their actions and respond to their chat partners in a written form.

Virtual sex is a sexual act where two or more people get together on some form of communications equipment to arouse each other; i.e. phone sex is virtual sex over the telephone. Cybersex is virtual sex typed over the Internet (including chat rooms, role playing games, webcam, e-mail, instant messaging, or IRC.  Sexting is virtual sex sent by mobile phone text messaging and the phone digital cameras.

Cybersex is here to stay. Each person of every age is responsible for their own self control.

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