Physical Abuse

I did not grow up in a family where physical abuse existed; however, physical abuse was common in our neighborhood. This was true during my career in the military. Many careers have been ruined, but abuse continues even today.

I feel that abuse continues because the abused allows it to exist. It seems that the . . . → Read More: Physical Abuse


The new fad of Sexting (people using camera phones to send each other naked photos of themselves) is seriously dangerous.

It seems that most adult experts in this area don’t know what to do. Many feel it is such a serious issue that the kids should go to jail. Others feel it is a serious . . . → Read More: Sexting

Rape and Date Rape

Unfortunately, as part of teen sex ed, you need to know about things people do sexually that are by any definition, wrong – such as rape and date rape.

What is rape and date rape?

Rape is sex you don’t agree to, including forcing a body part or object into your vagina, rectum (bottom), or . . . → Read More: Rape and Date Rape

Sex Before Marriage

It seems that Christians have always been too negatively absorbed and preoccupied in this and other unimportant issues dealing with sex…when they should have been reading “Teen Sex Ed Tips”. From the beginning, witch doctors and church leaders have acted like brainsick perverts meddling in the private lives of individuals.

From the early beginning, church . . . → Read More: Sex Before Marriage


This is the time in our lives when almost all of us really love to enjoy the internet.

We can’t imagine our lives without the internet. It is such a fascinating place and we can literally find about anything we need to know.

It is also a time in our lives when we can do . . . → Read More: Cybersex

Dating Dangers

When we are young we all talk with our friends about dating and anxiously wait until mom says we are old enough to date. Most of us are so very excited and a little scared on the first date.

Dating is human nature at its fullest. Dating gives us the opportunity to feel mature, to . . . → Read More: Dating Dangers

Safety in Relationships

As a teen, you will have relationships with a lot of people. These relationships will probably include friendships and dating relationships. Most of the time, these relationships are fun and healthy, and they make us feel good about ourselves. Sometimes, though, these relationships can be unhealthy. Unhealthy relationships can cause someone to get hurt physically . . . → Read More: Safety in Relationships

Healthy Relationships

The relationships you have as a teen are a very special and important part of your life. That’s why a fight with a close friend can hurt so much. It’s also why it can be so frustrating when the people who should know you best — like your family — don’t seem to understand you. . . . → Read More: Healthy Relationships


Jane and Don met a few weeks ago at a dance and kissed. They want to get to know each other but don’t know what to do next. Does this sound like a familiar situtation? This article in Teen Sex Ed Tips is about “Dating”. Dating relationships can be a fun and exciting part of . . . → Read More: Dating

An Appeal to All Young Readers

The most difficult problem is getting our articles to young people and getting young people to READ the articles.

We realize that too often parents and other adults do not feel that effective sex education for children is important; therefore they refuse to encourage or allow the young people to read information that they, themselves, . . . → Read More: An Appeal to All Young Readers

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